The IoT Alliance

The “Internet of Things” has the potential to transform every aspect of our lives: our homes, our transport, our offices, our cities, our health, our industries and our recreation. The IoT Alliance Network wants to help create the environment for the rapid development and adoption of the many technologies that the IoT comprises. We want to do this by bringing together, at a local level, those that participate in creating and deploying IoT.

The IoT Alliance Network seeks to encourage and support the establishment of local IoTA networks throughout the world. We do not mandate a particular approach, and will share our resources freely with any group or organisation with similar objectives, anywhere. We will promote events anywhere in the world, enable the sharing of material, encourage remote attendance at events, and assist in finding presenters for events.

The IoTA network and its affiliates WILL

Provide basic education on IoT to professionals in industry, academia and government.
Work with academic institutions and professional bodies to help prepare the next generation of IoT developers
Run and participate in Hackathons and Maker
Run training events on topics of interests to members e.g. Analytics, Security, Service Creation, Monetization etc.
Allow members to present case-studies, showcase technologies, share research
Host resources including previous presentations & other materials in the public domain believed to be valuable to members

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